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*Letters to the Pumpkin King*
by Seanan McGuire

NESFA Press is pleased to announce the Boskone 51 Guest of Honor book, *Letters
to the Pumpkin King *by Seanan McGuire. This is a limited edition of eight
hundred copies, of which one hundred forty are autographed and slipcased.

This is the first collection of Seanan McGuire's non-fiction works. It
contains essays taken from McGuire's various blogs as well as poetry
reprinted from her two out-of-print, limited-edition, self-published
chapbooks, *Leaves from the Babylon Wood* and *Paths Through the Babylon
Wood, *and has introductions by Catherynne M. Valente and Elizabeth
Bear*.*The essay topics range from "My Little Pony" and being a geek
girl to her
advice on writing and things she's learned since becoming a published
author, and showcase the breadth of her writing and interests. A must for
the avid McGuire enthusiast.

"Seanan McGuire knows how to beguile with the very best. She can whisper
spells and secrets by the ballad and the bushel. But here she simply tells
it as she has seen and lived it, with bravery and a loud voice, and that is
magic, too." --Catherynne M. Valente, author of *The Girl Who Soared Over
Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two.*

"Seanan is rough and potent magic. Her work may not change you, but it is
likely to change your experience of the world." --Elizabeth Bear,
author of *Steles
of the Sky*

The book has a full color cover by the Boskone 51 Official Artist David
Palumbo. The book dust jacket was designed by Alice N. S. Lewis and Sheila

The book was edited by Sheila Perry.

Hardcover, 390 pages, 5.5 × 8.75, ISBN-13: 978-1-61037-304-3 (Trade state),
$30.00; 978-1-61037-305-02 (Slipcased state), $50.00. Published February

You may make your purchase by going to

We accept most credit cards and PayPal. 6.25% sales tax will be added to
orders shipped to. Massachusetts. Visit www.nesfa.org/press for complete
information about our publications. Orders typically take 2-5 weeks to

For questions or more information, please email sales at nesfa.org
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