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NESFA Press is proud to announce the publication of A Bicycle Built for Brew: The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson (volume 6) edited by Rick Katze and Michael Kerpan. 

A Bicycle Built for Brew: The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson (volume 6) continues the series of presenting the best of his fantasy and science fiction stories published over a writing career of 50 years. It includes 5 short novels and 3 novellas. 

“A Bicycle Built for Brew”, the lead short novel mixes beer, air-tight drums, a talking parrot guaranteed to repeat phrases laced with 4-letter indignities, a romance between an English lass and a Scottish soldier, and the need to communicate the fact of the invasion to British authorities on a nearby asteroid in a very humorous tale. 

The original magazine version of “Three Hearts and Three Lions”, long unavailable except for the original magazines published in 1953, in which Holger Carlsen, fighting the Nazis, is suddenly transported to a world where magic and a growing battle between good and evil is raging. 

“Silent Victory” in which Mars has defeated Earth in a war but things are never that simple. “Territory” features Nicholas van Rijn, “A Plague of Masters” features Dominic Flandry, “Three Cornered Wheel” features David Falkyn, “The Sensitive Man” and “The Snows of Ganymede”. 

The full color cover is by Bob Eggleton, multiple Hugo winner for Best Science Fiction Artist. The cover was designed by Alice N. S. Lewis. 

Edited by Rick Katze and Michael Kerpan. 

Hardback, 474 pages, 6 x 9, ISBN- 978-1-61037-306-7, July 2014, $29.00. 

You can buy it on-line at http://www.nesfa.org/press/Books/Anderson-6.html 

You may pay for purchases by check, most major credit cards, or PayPal. Massachusetts residents please add 6.25% sales tax. For Domestic shipping, please add $4 for a single book; $8 per order for 2-5 books; $2 per book for six or more. Visit www.nesfa.org/press for complete information about our publications and foreign shipping rates. 

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