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NESFA Press is proud to announce the publication of

A Lit Fuse: The Provocative Life of Harlan Ellison, an Exploration by Nat

Written over the course of five years, consisting of exhaustive and
exclusive interviews with Ellison, his colleagues, his family, his friends,
and his enemies, A Lit Fuse is now available in a 500-copy limited special
edition, which is slipcased and signed by Nat Segaloff. The book also
includes a 32-page color photo section. A trade hardcover edition is
planned for late Summer, 2017.

“A Lit Fuse is authorized, but that doesn’t mean it’s a hagiography,” says
Segaloff. “The first thing Harlan told me when we started our adventure was
that he wanted me to write the truth. Considering that that’s what Harlan
himself has been doing for the last sixty-five years, I had a clear

Tracing the fractious Ellison’s life and career – and including, for the
first time with permission, excerpts from his work –  the biography
explores his fears, his demons, and his doubts as well as his principles,
his hopes, and his triumphs. “It is, without question, the most vulnerable
and intimate he has ever allowed himself to appear in print,” Segaloff
says. “This is a portrait of the man and his intensely personal creative
process, not the usual list of lawsuits, melees, or tantrums, although
they’re in here, too.”

Those interviewed include Neil Gaiman, Patton Oswalt, Peter David, David
Gerrold, Robert Sawyer, Michael Scott, Edward Asner, Leonard Nimoy, Ed
Bryant, Alan Brennert, J. Michael Straczynski, Robert Silverberg, Paul
Krassner, and Walter Koenig.

Of particular note are an analysis of the Connie Willis controversy, the
infamous dead gopher story, allegedly pushing a fan down an elevator shaft,
and the final word on The Last Dangerous Visions.

“NESFA Press is honored to be publishing A Lit Fuse,” says editor David G.
Grubbs. “So much has been written about Harlan Ellison without Harlan’s
input that we finally have the man himself on record. This will be a
revelation, even to people who know him.”

To order your copy of A Lit Fuse please visit


Nat Segaloff is a writer, producer, and film historian. He has written the
biographies of Arthur Penn, William Friedkin, and Stirling Silliphant, and
produced documentaries on Stan Lee, John Belushi, Larry King, and Shari
Lewis & Lamb Chop. He is co-author of the play “The Waldorf Conference,”
about the origins of the Hollywood Blacklist (in which Harlan Ellison
acted) and, in addition to A Lit Fuse, has also completed a memoir, Screen

Limited edition, numbered (1–500) hardcover, slipcased, 450 pages, 6” x 9”,
ISBN: 978-1-61037-322-7, April 2017, $75.00.

Contact: NESFA Press

sales at nesfa.org

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